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On the flight in about four hours. Given that it's Friday the 13th, maybe the seats will be a little less crowded. This may be the last broadband I see for a while, so I'm cramming photos into my blog. How did the bombing of the World Trade Center strike you at the time, vs the way it strikes the characters in the book? And I guess "strike" is the best word to use there.

I figured it for some group of extremely committed radicals who were trying to suck the oxygen out of the anti-WTO crowd. In the days that followed, it was very touching to see every society on the planet in tearstained, candle-burning solidarity with the wounded USA, but boy, that sure didn't last long.

Landsat Missions

Now the "Washington Consensus" of the s is as dead as the Brezhnev Doctrine. I often wonder what the world would look like if Al Qaeda had decided to crash planes into, say, Copenhagen. Suppose the atrocity were just as large and just as wounding, but there was no military response. Would we be more secure or less secure today? I'm not actually in Zurich; I'm in a small ski-resort town named Saas-Fee. And the hotel has wifi.

Swiss wifi, man, I'm livin' large. The WTO just met in Switzerland and had one of its least-heralded, most successful meetings ever. The Brazilians got pretty much everything they wanted.

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Since the Brazilians also made it their policy to co-opt the anti-WTO orgs, this is a remarkable development Brazil is the wave of the future, no? Back to the book Did you base Derek on anybody in particular? Reading the synopsis for your panels discussion: " Looking forward to hearing you there. And blogging it all now.

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I like to think that I m getting a broader idea of what s happening in the world through the web and liberal media rather than from the network news here in the States. And I recently cancelled the cable tv, for cost as well as being an attention suck for children and adults alike. In addition to the growing gap between the wealthy and the rest, do you get a sense that there s also an knowledge gap, between the techno-savvy and the not-so-much?

On world issues, I mean, not just which mp3 player has the longest battery life? Is being connected necessary in order to be informed? Duncan Stewart inkwell. I ask this because in this new book, Bruce shows us that the work ethic and the technology make the protagonist and his wife seem very disconnected from one another and their child. In this book, the gizmos are just tools, and the real "information" is that people need each other.

Old school cyberpunk meets metro-sexual fatherhood, eh?


Brilliant people are often workaholics. Workaholism is an affliction. Families pay a price for that. It's just how things are. The thing that always intrigued me about technothrillers was that technicians are support staff rather than protagonists. I mean, who makes a worse enemy -- James Bond, with a "license to kill" -- or H. Ross Perot? If you're a topflight guy in today's society you can hire all the James Bonds you want. Why go on pretending otherwise?

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As for cancelling TV to save money, that's a swell idea. You ought to just pitch the thing out of the house like an obsolete slide projector. Are we really seeing a Muslim fundamentalist jihad here? Somebody was telling me today that two sets of fundamentalists are at war, Muslims and Capitalists. To me the most significant thing about Al Qaeda is not that they are Muslim but that they are stateless. Their personnel are almost all diaspora people, exiles.

The most effective ones have Western educations. So it's not a clash of civilizations, it's a clash of globalizations. The ability of the American administration to assert its will around the world has been very much hampered. The US is now bogged down in a ground war where nationalist resentment rises every day. By contrast, Al Qaeda, who number at most maybe 30, revanchist adventurers, are methodically demonstrating their ability to wreak bloody havoc pretty much anywhere on the planet.

Their loss of so-called "bases" in Sudan or Afghanistan or the Pakistani tribal lands never bothered them much. They're not a government, so they don't need "bases. The least whisper from the Al Qaeda camp is pored over and valorized; they're crazy, but they're successful.

You'd be hard put to find a Mexican, Canadian or Briton with the least belief that the Bush Administration means anything it says. This enormous setback came because of the loss of two and one-fifth buildings. We really need a better word for this struggle than "terrorism.

Calculating Noon Sun Angle

We just resent them furiously, we lost all sense of perspective. Outside the US borders, the US Administration no longer looks like an outfit that thinks clearly enough to set a global agenda. Fundamentalist capitalists are just watching those oil prices and sweating bullets, while at the WTO, where the US one strode the stage like a Colossus, the Chinese and Indians closet themselves with the Brazilians.

The Washington Consensus of the s is as dead as the Brezhnev Doctrine. On the other hand, the clock won't stop ticking. Ten years ago people just talked about globalization; now we're really wading in knee-deep. Some people are hopeful that Kerry's election, which looks pretty likely, will make a difference, but we seem to be seeing manifestations of problems that run much deeper than anything a regime change could fix? It'll take time.

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People are always claiming that the American polity has no historical awareness and has no patience in struggle, but that's a canard. The US has outlasted any number of rival regimes. The US outlasted a "thousand-year Reich. If you kiss Al Qaeda right on the lips, they'll turn your society into a flaming skeleton.

They're a suicide cult. How long is suicide gonna stay romantic? Even if you're a sincere Jihadist and you want a faith-based, divinely inspired Caliphate, you still need a method of governance. The numerical values of x UH and x HD were fixed at —0. Note that the value of a 8 is equal to 1. In order to obtain smooth curves, the EAS data were averaged over nearly one decade of energy in the LSq fitting, e. The values of a 1 and a 4 are close to each other except at higher altitudes, where sudden increases or decreases of the fluxes are observed in the horizontal direction.

It is seen from the graph that the a 6 parameters for neutrons and protons increase with energy, while the relation is reversed for other particles. The reason for decreasing a 6 for high-energy leptons is that they are predominantly generated through extremely high-energy muons, whose angular distributions are nearly isotropic or even increasing in the horizontal direction, as discussed later. Note that the sudden increase in the a 6 parameter for high-energy photons is probably caused by the poor statistics of the EAS data owing to the very small fluxes of such high-energy photons.

One of the fundamental development strategies of PARMA is to reduce the number of free parameters as much as possible. We therefore express the energy dependences of the parameters a 1 to a 8 as the sum of three sigmoid functions: 6 where b i ,1 to b i ,10 are free parameters determined for each altitude and vertical cut-off rigidity where EAS data are available. This equation is introduced only to reproduce the complicated energy dependences of a i , and its form has little physical meaning.

The numerical values of b i , j were determined from LSq fitting to the evaluated a i parameters, with the results of the fitting shown in Figs 10 and It is evident from the figures that Eq 6 can reproduce the data very well. There are, however, two problems in the calculation of a i using Eq 6.

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  • Similar adjustments are also necessary for a 5 when the downward fluxes are much smaller than the upward fluxes.

    The Zenith Angle The Zenith Angle
    The Zenith Angle The Zenith Angle
    The Zenith Angle The Zenith Angle
    The Zenith Angle The Zenith Angle
    The Zenith Angle The Zenith Angle

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