The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography

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II. Examples of Autobiography

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. But Hazel Court was so much more than a Scream Queen! She was one of England's top film actresses in the 40's and 50's as well as one of the world's top pin-ups.

Hazel went on to have a high-profile career in US television in the 60's Bonanza, Dr. Her autobiography traces her path from her childhood in the West Midlands of England to Lake Tahoe; from famous actress to internationally acclaimed sculptor and artist. Hazel provides a unique and emotionally moving view of an English woman's life in Hollywood. Lavishly illustrated with rare photos - including some that you never thought you'd see!

The group were all advocates of Romanticism, a movement that originated in the late 18th century in response to the dispassionate reason of the Enlightenment. Romantics favored nature, passion, and the experience of the individual. To pass the time indoors, the party held stirring discussions of current scientific theories.

From Nightmare to Novel

They were particularly fascinated by the experiments with electricity carried out the century before by Luigi Galvani, who had observed how an electric current made the legs of dead frogs twitch. They speculated on the possibility of bringing dead matter back to life by using electrical impulses. After all this scientific talk, Lord Byron took the group in a different direction and suggested that each member of the party write a horror story.

Mary, then age 18, had little writing experience. A sensitive, highly cultured woman whose mother had died when she was a baby, her frequent bouts of depression fueled a morbid fascination with death.

Q&A: Phil Anselmo on Solo Album, Autobiography and Horror Fest

I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life and stir with an uneasy half-vital motion. Later, back in Britain, she expanded this initial tale into a novel. Her name appeared on the second edition in It is the version that is best known today.

Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein carries out mysterious experiments and constructs a titanic, hulking body. A tragic chain of events is set into motion, and by the end of the tale, everything Frankenstein loves has been destroyed by his creation. Example 2 Kier-La buys at a yard sale a portrait of a girl in 19th century style and puts it near her bed so she can always see it. She invents a story that the girl drowned and her spirit is now trapped in the painting. She gets her mom to move the painting to the basement. Good call, Kier-La. Example 3 Her mother had two unhappy marriages. Awhile later they got a call, her mother had passed out drunk and a fire had started in the house.

She nearly died of smoke inhalation. When she was brought home from the hospital: the look on her face was horrifying.

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I had never seen her so full of spite and venom. My mother rarely swore, but on this day she had lost all sense of propriety. I was in heaven! Barbie and friends would go off for a picnic in the country. Barbie wanders off alone, and Jimmy comes out from behind a bush and attacks and rapes Barbie. The end. No female revenge or miraculous escape.

50 Of The Best Horror Novels That Will Make It Impossible To Sleep 😱

Janisse has a particular affinity for Italian giallo films, and I do not. There is the occasional delirious triumph of style over substance like Suspiria , but in general I find this sub-genre too naked in its misogyny and too contemptuous of coherent narrative.

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Speaking of, in any serious book about horror cinema, misogyny can be the elephant in the room if not addressed. Which often is the case elsewhere.

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She discusses at length a Korean film called Bad Man unseen by me, now and to the grave which from her description sounds like one of the three or four most misogynist films ever made. And understand, Kier-La is defending the film.

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  7. But this sort of honesty won me over. But essentially her fascination is with women in these films going out of their minds, dissociating, the internal or external factors that drive this, the coping mechanisms, the consequences for themselves and others. And she can zero in on this with a serrated precision. Also, in case the above anecdotes give the wrong idea, while her personal relationships are apparently often volatile, her writing is very, um, Canadian, calm and analytical about often emotional material, self-effacing, with a dry and understated sensibility.

    I found that a nice contrast with the often grim matters being discussed. A Spanish film with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and a scene-stealing Telly Savalas that is just perfect in its low budget unpretentious efficiency and a genius narrative concept, cheesy title and all. A prime benefit of this book is just as a reference for dozens of films, obscure or not, that I can try to track down. When the last chapter finishes, you find there is still half the book to go. I mean, what? Janisse is particularly engaged in discussing the rape-revenge sub-genre, and cites many examples.

    The audience will accept any direction the story takes because, culturally, rape is worse than death. I also think that my interest in them…is a vicarious means of revenge for what my mother experienced in front of me all those years ago.

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    Janisse might consider some of the key films discussed, based on how passionately she engages with them. Oh, and you might notice not every film is strictly speaking horror; Kier-La is flexible. Szamanka My own list of others discussed that I would particularly recommend: Alice Sweet Alice Audition not for the squeamish Bedeviled intense Korean revenge drama Cat People probably my fav. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

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    The Werewolves are Here! View all 9 comments. There was something terrible in that film, a desperation I recognized in myself, in my inability to communicate effectively, and the frustration that would lead to despair, anger and hysteria. View 1 comment. May 09, Nate D rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , favorites , film , theory. This is great.

    The Horror... The Horror:  An Autobiography The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography
    The Horror... The Horror:  An Autobiography The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography
    The Horror... The Horror:  An Autobiography The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography
    The Horror... The Horror:  An Autobiography The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography
    The Horror... The Horror:  An Autobiography The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography
    The Horror... The Horror:  An Autobiography The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography
    The Horror... The Horror:  An Autobiography The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography

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