The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8)

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She finds a forest tree house where Zello, Relna and she lived when she was a small child. Racing upstairs, she finds Relna's bow harp, tries to play it, and accidentally animates sundry objects in the cottage which begin to attack the kids until she plays another tune to stop them. They continue on to Plud, where they are astonished to see the royal procession arriving. Apparently the sparkly dust has ensorcelled the kings into mistaking Plud for Zorfendorf!

The kids infiltrate Plud even more easily than the first time, and we see some of the other royalty: tall green-furred queen of the Bangledorn monkeys, Ortha, and flying empress of the sand children, Mashta. They all are taunted by Lord Sparr, then stung in the foreheads by the golden wasp, brainwashing them completely into Sparr's flunkies.

The Secrets of Droon - Book 8: The Golden Wasp

Sparr leads them away to prepare the next step of the plan to conquer the Upper World. The kids sneak down to the lower levels while he's occupied. They find Mr. Hinkle, Max and Galen locked in the dungeon. Keeah zaps off the chains and they begin to search for Julie's bracelet.

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They find it in a room that also contains the thousands of wasp offspring of the golden wasp, surely part of Sparr's plan for conquest. Galen stays behind to make sure that the wasps are destroyed, while the kids run to rescue the kings. At first they have no idea what to do - Sparr seems so in control of everything, and the kings are completely his obedient servants.

But then the Ninns report that Galen has set the hive ablaze, and Sparr runs off, leaving the kings unguarded. Keeah plays a song on the harp and breaks the wasp's spell. The kings are horrified to find themselves in Plud.

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The Golden Wasp zooms out and chases Neal back into the castle. The kids give chase, stun the wasp long enough to rejoin Galen, help him fight off Sparr, and then retreat back to the surface. There they begin to race to the rainbow stairs which have reappeared across the frozen river from Plud. Keeah, Galen and Sparr resume their ages-old wizard battle, while Mr. Hinkle uses the harp to play some rockin' tunes to smash the ice, preventing further pursuit Racing up the stairs, they rejoin Keeah and Galen as they toss Sparr down to the base of the stairs.

Keeah plays the harp just in time to turn the Wasp so that it stings Sparr instead he's not brainwashed, just goes into shocking seizure-like fits - it's probably rage, not an allergic reaction The entire party materializes in the cupboard. Galen changes the moon fox back into bracelet form, wipes Mr. Hinkle's memory, and then leaves with Max and Keeah She's clearly been to Eric's basement before now. The kids shrug, and go to play outside.

It really, really feels like the Golden Wasp is a rip-off of the slaver wasps that the Other used to nearly conquer Europa before Girl Genius begins So if anything, Foglio cribbed from Abbott, not the other way around. There's also a bunch of unanswered questions that the story raises: what happens to all the royalty in Plud after they cross the frozen river around Plud?

Secrets of Droon #4: City In the Clouds Audiobook by Tony Abbott

They don't appear to go up the stairs into Eric's basement with the party, so For that matter, how do the kids cross over with all their clothes, if just the presence of Julie's bracelet caused all the trouble in this book? It reminds me a good deal of "Back to the Future 2," where Marty leaves his girlfriend passed out outside, on a porch swing in the middle of the apocalyptically criminal neighborhood of the alternate universe where Biff has changed the outcomes If the plot is thick enough, people will ignore it just like we do.

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While there's plenty of plot, there's not much character development, but that's OK in small doses. The plot is pretty engaging, with lots of reversals, interesting settings, seeming defeats, and dramatic situations. Sep 09, Pamela Hatch rated it really liked it Shelves: adventure , dungeon , fantasy , good-vs-evil , hypnotized , portal , music , oracle , prisoners , range5.

NOTES: This is the first time in the series where the reader is immediately drawn into another title because 7 ended in a cliffhanger.

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  4. Tony Abbott keeps coming up with new adventures that brings the kids back to Droon and they keep getting more indepth, more complicated, and more intertwined that is why adults will love this series too! Jun 02, Anna rated it it was amazing. Can you imagine finding your dad locked in a dungeon just chatting it up with a wizard. So amazing. This book had just the right amount of tension and lightheartedness.

    One of my favorite in the series! Mar 02, Tara rated it liked it Shelves: books. This time Eric's dad gets involved. There's mind control and wraiths and exploding towers. Good stuff. Jul 02, Maximilian Lee rated it really liked it. I liked this book because I liked the part when the gang didn't get spotted by Lord Sparr, because if they did, it would have been bad. I also liked this book because I love parties. Oct 06, Books Kids Like rated it really liked it Shelves: secrets-of-droon-series , abbott-tony.

    Desperate to rescue his father, Eric and his friends descend the rainbow staircase into Jaffa City right in the middle of a royal parade. The kings and queens of Droon are headed to Zorfendorf Castle for a celebration. Suddenly, a faceless wraith rains blue sparks onto all the royal heads and disappears. The children soon learn that Sparr bewitched them and plans to let the Golden Wasp sting them so that they will be in his power forever. Apr 07, Roberto rated it it was amazing Shelves: tony-abbott.

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    Well, I love Droon so much. It's incredible in this one. Sparr is an evil wizard who wants to conquer Droon. The characters in the book Eric, Julie, Neal are kids and go into Droon. When they go into their basement there's this little room, and when they flick off the light, a magical staircase appears and brings them to Droon. The characters are mostly spell casters. One of them is Khan. The first wizard of Droon is Galen. One of the other greatest wizards is Kheeah. When they go into Droon, Well, I love Droon so much. When they go into Droon, they have great adventures, but all of them are very dangerous.

    Anyway, in the 8th book, they go to Plud, Sparr's evil fortress. In that part, Sparr has this magical creature called the golden wasp. If the wasp stings someone, they become under Sparr's control. View all 4 comments. Aug 26, Jeremy rated it really liked it. I've decided to read The Secrets of Droon series entirely for Christmas since i've been feeling a bit nostalgic. I want to be able to live a bit of the magic of being a kid and what beeter to help than this incredible series.

    The book is filled with action, adventure, and mistery. This one has a few interesting twists in it, one of them including Eric's dad. In each book we keep delving into the secrets of the magical world of Droon.

    Feb 02, Kirsten Simkiss rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. I always enjoyed this series as a child and this book was no exception. While this one is fairly simple in terms of plot, the imagery is definitely intriguing. For instance, my favorite element of this book was the faceless army of wraiths, particularly at the end. Imaging them skating after you is rather terrifying, honestly. Nov 29, Takumu rated it liked it.

    There father was locked at the place called the secret of Droons.

    The Secrets of Droon

    An a animal from Droons came by accident and the kids got him and the monster took them to the place and now the magic begin. I like this story because it is mysterious and funny By Takumu Osa. View 1 comment. Nov 02, Georgia rated it really liked it.

    The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8) The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8)
    The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8) The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8)
    The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8) The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8)
    The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8) The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8)
    The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8) The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8)
    The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8) The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8)
    The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8) The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8)
    The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8) The Golden Wasp (Secrets of Droon, Book 8)

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