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Alexander Kent

After Richard's death, he becomes the principal character in the series. There were also some omnibus editions which collected several books from the series into one volume. Richard Bolitho Richard Bolitho is a fictional Royal Navy officer who is the main character in a series of novels written by Douglas Reeman using the pseudonym Alexander Kent. Bolitho was born in in Falmouth, Cornwall, in Great Britain, the second son of a prestigious naval family.

The name Bolitho is a common Cornish surname, but Re. He wrote a total of 68 novels, selling 34 million copies in twenty languages. In Reeman was appointed Midshipman, at the age of His initial service was in destroyers on convoy duty in the North Atlantic.

During this time his ship was sunk and Reeman was injured by exploding depth charges. Later he transferred to Motor Torpedo Boats and subsequently was present at D-Day in a landing craft. It was then that he was badly injured when his landing craft was hit by shellfire. He finished the war in Kiel repairing damage to bring the port back into use, with the rank of L. Richard Bolitho, Midshipman is a novel in the Bolitho series of nautical fiction set in the lateth-century Royal Navy, written by Douglas Reeman under the pseudonym Alexander Kent. The book was published in It was the eighth novel in the series, though it is set earlier than the others, at the start of the career of Richard Bolitho.

Plot The book opens with Richard Bolitho arriving at a Portsmouth inn frequented by midshipmen. There he meets another midshipman, Martyn Dancer. A lieutenant recalls them to their ship, HMS Gorgon, a gun ship of the line. Sailing towards West Africa, they encounter an empty merchantman, City of Athens. Dancer and Bolitho are sent aboard the ship and discover that it has been pillaged and the crew killed. The officers soon deduce that the ship was raided by pirates and Captain Conway announces that the Admiralty had dispatched them to investigate the disappearance of ships in the region.

In company with the captured City of Athens, Gorgon approaches a coastal fort su. Ambrose, later turned into the miniseries mentioned below Band of Brothers, a aviation adventure novel by Ernest K. Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger is a historical fiction novel written by Douglas Reeman under the pseudonym Alexander Kent. Set in the late 18th century Royal Navy, the book is part of the Bolitho series and follows the main character Richard Bolitho.

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Plot Bolitho and Dancer are given leave from the Gorgon after its return to Plymouth for a refit. They decide to spend this holiday at the Bolitho estate. However, soon after they arrive a taxman is killed. Because they are the only agents of the King locally, they must investigate the body and suspect that he was killed by either smugglers or wreckers. Soon after, Hugh Bolitho arrives, charged with finding and capturing whoever committed the crime, and Bolitho and Dancer are ordered temporarily under his command.

With the midshipman aboard, they hunt the wreckers. They capture a vessel smuggling guns, and learn that they are connected to the shipwreckers. Trying to set a trap, they send the guns in a small convey under the command of Dancer. The convey run. Historical fiction is a literary genre in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past. Although the term is commonly used as a synonym for the historical novel, it can also be applied to other types of narrative, including theatre, opera, cinema and television, as well as video games and graphic novels. An essential element of historical fiction is that it is set in the past and pays attention to the manners, social conditions and other details of the period depicted.

Some subgenres such as alternate history and historical fantasy insert speculative or ahistorical elements into a novel. Works of historical fiction are sometimes criticized for lack of authenticity because of readerly or genre expectations for accurate period details.

This tension between historical authenticity, or historicity, and fi. Nicholas, Lord Ramage is a fictional character, the protagonist of a series of sea novels written by Dudley Pope. Ramage was an officer in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. He is a contemporary of Horatio Hornblower, but unlike the latter, who never fought in a large fleet battle, Ramage participated in both the Battle of Cape St.

Vincent and the Battle of Trafalgar. Early life This section contains information on Ramage's life before the commencement of the Lord Ramage Novels. For information after this period, see the respective summaries of the books. Nicholas' father was a Vice-Admiral who was court martialled some sympathetic colleagues felt unjustly so and Nicholas is burdened by this legacy.

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Ramage's mother was fond of traveling and took Ramage to Tuscany to live in , when his father departed to assume naval command in North America. Early years Forester was born in Cairo and, after a family breakup at an early age, moved with his mother to London where he was educated at Alleyn's School and Dulwich College. He began to study medicine at Guy's Hospital but left without completing his degree. Forester wore glasses and was of slender physique; he failed his Army physical and was told that there was no chance that he would be accepted, even though he was of good height and somewhat athletic.

He began writing seriously around using his pen na. Henry Langford was an English MP. Loblolly boy is the informal name given to the assistants to a ship's surgeon aboard British and American warships during the Age of Sail. The name derives from a porridge traditionally served to sick or injured crew members. The term is no longer used; in the modern era surgeon's assistants are medical assistants in the Royal Navy, and hospital corpsmen in the U. Etymology The name comes from the serving of loblolly — a thick porridge, sometimes enhanced with chunks of meat or vegetables—to sick or injured crewmembers to hasten their recovery.

The name was first used to describe Royal Navy surgeon's assistants in The rating was also u. He was Chairman of Cornwall County Council from to and Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall from to , for some years serving in both roles simultaneously. Henry Hector Bolitho 28 May — 12 September was a New Zealand author, novelist and biographer, who had 59 books published. Widely travelled, he spent most of his career in England.

Bolitho lived in Sydney from to ,[1] where he became editor of the Shakespearean Quarterly and literary editor and drama critic of the Evening News in Sydney. On his arrival in Britain he worked as a freelance journalist. Joseph Bolitho Johns c.

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February — 13 August , better known as Moondyne Joe, was an English convict and Western Australia's best-known bushranger. Born into poor and relatively difficult circumstances, he became something of a petty criminal robber with a strong sense of self-determination. He is remembered as a person who had escaped multiple times from prison.

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Joe was a tall man with black hair and hazel-coloured eyes,[1] and it is likely that he contracted smallpox in his youth as, later, records describe him as "pockmarked". His father died some time in , and Johns and his three brothers took work as copper miners. In the family was living at Illogan, Cornwall, but by Johns had migrated to Wales, taking work as an iron ore miner,. This list of historical fiction is designed to provide examples of notable historical works divided by time period.

For a more exhaustive list of historical novels by period, see Category:Historical novels by setting, which lists relevant Wikipedia categories; also see the larger List of historical novels, which is organized by country, as well as the more general Category:Historical novels and Category:Historical fiction.

Novels Set in Prehistory c. This list outlines notable historical novels by the current geo-political boundaries of countries for the historical location in which most of the novel takes place. This list includes only the most notable novels within the genre, which have been included in Wikipedia. For a more comprehensive automatically generated list of articles on Wikipedia about historical novels, see Category:Historical novels.

For a comprehensive list by time period on historical fiction in general see list of historical fiction by time period. Statue of Walter Scott, in Glasgow, Scotland Historical romance also historical novel is a broad category of fiction in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past.

Walter Scott helped popularize this genre in the early 19th-century, with works such as Rob Roy and Ivanhoe. It is also a genre of mass-market fiction, which is related to the broader romantic love genre. Definition The terms "romance novel" and "historical romance" are ambiguous, because the word "romance", and the associated word "romantic", have a number of different meanings. In particular, on the one hand there is the mass-market genre of "fiction dealing with love", harlequin romance,[2] and on the other hand, "a romance" can also be defined as "a fictitious narrative in prose or verse; the interest of which turns upon marvelous and.

Career Jayston was born 29 October in Nottingham. An early recurring television role was as civil servant Dowling in the final series of boardroom drama The Power Game in Rolls and Mr. He made. His younger brother Israel Pellew also pursued a naval career.

Band of Brothers A Midshipman Bolitho Novel The Bolitho Novels

Childhood Pellew was born at Dover, the second son of Samuel Pellew — , commander of a Dover packet. Edward's grandfather, Humphrey Pellew — , a merchant and ship owner, son of a naval officer, resided at Flushing manor-house in the parish of Mylor.

In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16) In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16)
In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16) In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16)
In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16) In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16)
In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16) In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16)
In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16) In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16)
In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16) In Gallant Company: (Richard Bolitho: Book 5) (Richard Bolitho 16)

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