Food Processing Recent Developments

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Innovation in Food Processing

People realize the benefits of fermented foods on the intestinal and immune system. The simple process such as pickling and sun drying is global importance as it is eco-friendly and also commercially viable. In case of such foods, the technique improves the nutrient content and flavor while also it is healthy for shelf life. Additionally, the native foods are widely available for the masses with the help of marketing technologies. You know that health and taste are the primary factors that drive the innovation in food technology.

New products are emerging by mixing the already available categories of food. For example, coconut water with aloe vera or sugarcane juice with ginger not only provide a different taste but also add nutritive values. Even the existing ones are undergoing modification to enhance their nutritive contents. New alternatives to food items using technology innovation have to lead to extensive use of them. For example, Stevia is an alternative to the sugar. Stevia is all natural and is now being infused in drinks.

New technology juices up the food industry

Robotics are already operating the assembly of packets and placing the food inside them. The use of Artificial intelligence has made some complex techniques easier to implement. Now the maintenance of the processes is guided by artificial intelligence.

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The combination of both robotics and artificial intelligence will enable to reduce food waste. The combination will also allow the production and food delivery more fast reliable.

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Not only the small industries but also multinationals are looking forward to using environment-friendly materials. Finding innovative solutions within the parameters helps the likeliness of a product.

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With the rise in technology, e-commerce gained popularity as more people are buying products online sitting at home. E-commerce not only made the product buying experience easy but also enable easy business operations. The food industry came out to deliver their items directly to customers without involving any third party. The service is so fast that the customers can receive the products within a day.

Food Chemistry 2020

On the other hand, the grocery supplier business delivery becomes cost efficient. Use of Artificial intelligence the can improve the timings of the delivery. With more innovative techniques the delivery times are reducing, and as a result, the customer satisfaction is achieved.

For example, Amazon is currently providing the service of grocery food delivery. Till now, no other company has come up with a proper grocery delivering service. On the other hand, Amazon Alexa, smart AI speaker, allows grocery ordering on the go. An Alexa user can order grocery food by telling the speaker and then Alexa will do the rest of the things. Among the latest trends in food tech is the introduction of the delivery of cooked food. Zomato and UberEats are among the companies that offer the service. Heat transfer is important in food processing.

In the unit operations several issues of steady and unsteady heat transfer occur. So for instance heat transfer processes are important for the hygienic, nutritional and sensory quality of the food product. The present edited book starts with a review of ongoing activities in a broad perspective.

Advances in Food Processing and Technology

Then some specific methods of modeling and analysis are presented. All topics treated have significant relevance in the food processing and its likely that the book will be a welcomed contribution. The chapters in this book deal mainly with: heat transfer applications; methods that have considerable physical property variations with temperature; methods not yet widely spread in the food industry; or methods that are less developed in the food engineering literature. The application of numerical methods has received special attention with a separate chapter as well as emphasis in almost every chapter.

A chapter on artificial neural networks ANN has also been included since ANN is a promising alternative tool to conventional methods for modeling, optimization, etc in cases where a clear relationship between the variables is not known, or the system is too complex to be modeled with conventional mathematical methods. His research topics are enhancement of heat transfer in compact heat exchangers, computational methods of convective flow and heat transfer in complex narrow geometries, combustion-related heat transfer including thermal radiation, gas turbine heat transfer impinging jets, film cooling, ribbed ducts , evaporation and condensation in plate heat exchangers, thermal imaging techniques, PIV, and multiscale and multiphysics transport phenomena in fuel cells.

He has published more than journal papers, books, and proceedings.

Recent Developments in High Pressure Processing of Foods

He has also delivered many keynote and invited lectures. He has been editor of 25 books published by international publishing houses and author of two textbooks one in Swedish, one in English. He is involved in referee tasks for more than 40 international journals and has been active in several international and organizing committees and boards. In addition, he is active editor for four journals. Advanced Boundary Elements for Heat Transfer.

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    Food Processing Recent Developments Food Processing Recent Developments
    Food Processing Recent Developments Food Processing Recent Developments
    Food Processing Recent Developments Food Processing Recent Developments
    Food Processing Recent Developments Food Processing Recent Developments
    Food Processing Recent Developments Food Processing Recent Developments
    Food Processing Recent Developments Food Processing Recent Developments
    Food Processing Recent Developments Food Processing Recent Developments

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