Expertise and Decision Support

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Clinical Expertise Clinical Decision Support.

Clinical Expertise. Get help deciding on the most efficient path to patient health You depend on fast, accurate data to make informed decisions and optimize the health of your patients.

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Explore the power of clinical algorithms in supporting informed decisions and optimized patient treatment plans. View White Paper. Clinical Decision Support CDS tool Help optimize decisions and the health of your patients with an extensive network of clinical expertise as well as a comprehensive library of testing algorithms.

January 23: Algorithmic Decision-Making and Accountability

Clinical Algorithms To help you formulate an efficient, economic, and comprehensive patient management plan, we offer an extensive library of testing algorithms based on proven, published practice parameters that are accessible through the Quest Diagnostics Test Center. Get In Touch.

Chapter 10 Decision Support and Expert Systems Flashcards Preview

Call Us. Email Us. Privacy Policy Site Map. Better Source Selection Optimize source selection with measurable contributions to objectives. Team Results Aligned to Objectives Get faster team inputs, improved transparency and collaboration to deliver better strategies and tactics--all aligned with your corporate objectives. Prioritize for Highest Value Get clarity across all your project alternatives with enterprise software for clear and transparent prioritization. Auto Optimize Your Scenarios Optimize with confidence using data to identify the best combination of actions across scenarios and time-frames.

When to rely on experts for important decisions

Everything you need for improved decision making is right here. Features: Team decision tools that allow participation anytime, anywhere in the world Project management tools to define participant roles and responsibilities Science-based analytics that translate team knowledge, expertise and intuition into quantitative measures Insight and survey tools that resolve conflicting priorities, and achieve stakeholder understanding and consensus Structured, transparent decision making and risk assessment processes Actionable reporting outputs and improved communications Easy-to-use what-if scenarios.

EC Software Enabled Solutions.

Learn More. When the rubber hits the road, and you have to commit funding, are you on strategy? Expert Choice provides both a reality check and feedback mechanism to consider different views and what-if-scenario.

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Expertise and Decision Support Expertise and Decision Support
Expertise and Decision Support Expertise and Decision Support
Expertise and Decision Support Expertise and Decision Support
Expertise and Decision Support Expertise and Decision Support
Expertise and Decision Support Expertise and Decision Support

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