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1. Know your sync speed, shutter speed and aperture

I really like this tutorial. I pinned this, but actually am going to start reading it today. This is an awesome tutorial. I love the photo that you used in the post for pinterest. Did you photographic it? I express my gratitude as after going through your free crash course of flash photography, which made me forget my shyness from using the off camera flash. I am confident soon I am going to join your online flash photography medium level. Please mail me as and when you offer discount. Pinned, and thanks very much. My photo exploits are geared more to nature than people, and of late to high-speed flash in bird photography.

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Oh yeah, and I still shoot film! You guys improve photography are freaking awesome.

Huge fan base here in Australia growing. Will be purchasing the online flash photography class. That distinction is a simple, but very powerful one. Are you ready for the biggest Photoshop event of the year?

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The Basics of Flash Photography - a guide for beginners

Join CreativeLive for Photoshop Week to learn how to produce professional quality photos and reach your full creative potential. RSVP Today. A cloudy day can be a fantastic time to shoot portraits of people. The soft, enveloping light offers a flattering space to place a person and focus solely on their expressions without having to worry about exactly how the light falls. Now take that same person and day, but move your subject next to a window. By doing so, you have that same soft light but it has direction. When placed to one side, the window gives the face shape. We can achieve this same effect by placing a flash next to our subject instead of a window.

Anywhere at any time of day, we can achieve window-style light with a flash in a large modifier. In fact, the flash offers another level of control as we are able to adjust its power. One of the basic tools we can use to give the illusion of three dimensionality and allow our viewers to perceive depth or separation between objects is contrast.

This can be a contrast of focus, sharpness, or even a conceptual difference. It can also be light. Warm light in a cool scene creates separation, as does hard light in a soft scene. The color and contrast of the light we introduce can bring our subjects off the background for our viewers. In the example below, I used a single speedlight to camera left to bring about some additional contrast on my model.

Flash Photography the Easy Way

The post sunset light was warm and enveloping, but offered very little to lift the subject off the background. A one stop under-exposure on her coupled with a small pop of flash did the trick in no time at all. As I mentioned before, flash can give you another level of control. Even one flash can give you the ability to have great control over the brightness of your background.

Flash Photography For Beginners

As we know, increasing contrast increases the dramatic nature of an image and we can use this to create a whole new mood for an image. If we expose for the couple, we end up blowing out the clouds and losing that drama.

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If we expose for the clouds, we plunge our couple into shadow but keep the drama. Now we have a very dramatic image that separates itself slightly from reality, and from the crowd of photographers who may be shooting on that day.

Become a flash photography master

Also, a speedlight can be used as your off-camera flash to change the direction of the lighting. In M Manual mode, you set the power for your flash. By turning the dial clockwise, you increase the power up to a ratio. If you choose manual flash, keep in mind the distance from your subject. It always helps to use a light meter to measure how much light you will need. Next, you can use a bounce diffuser to spread the light from your flash.

Mastering your Flash- The Basics

When paired with a bounce card, some of the light is redirected toward your subject and the rest travels in the direction of the diffuser. This technique is used as a catch light in portraits so that your subject receives more direct illumination in addition to the diffused light. The easiest way to learn the technology is to acquire it yourself and put it to the test.

Basic Flash Photography Basic Flash Photography
Basic Flash Photography Basic Flash Photography
Basic Flash Photography Basic Flash Photography
Basic Flash Photography Basic Flash Photography
Basic Flash Photography Basic Flash Photography
Basic Flash Photography Basic Flash Photography

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